Eclipse meant for a long wait for EV travelers in one Arkansas city


EV travelers who drove to Arkansas to get a view of totality of the solar eclipse found out the hard way—-there weren’t enough EV fast chargers to go around.

Channel 5, KFSM in Arkansas reported some of the electric vehicle owners had a long wait in order to get a recharge for the long drive home. Only six charging ports were available at a store in Van Bureau, forcing about 40 EV owners to wait.

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Several people made long road trips to the path of totality on April 8. While some people hit the gas station on their way back home, quite a few electric vehicle owners had to wait a while before they could charge up and leave.

Around 40 electric vehicles waited in line to recharge in Van Buren around 6:30 p.m. on Monday.

The vehicles were waiting to use the charging stations at Casey’s General Store at 500 Pointer Trail. There were only six charging ports for the nearly 40 cars waiting in line.

Crystal Evans who road-tripped from Utah to Morrilton for the eclipse said she waited nearly two hours to charge her car.

“It is kind of frustrating,” she said. “My husband sent a thing to Tesla saying we need more superchargers.”

Although the demand for charging stations grows, they are still far and few.