Digital Promise by Oklahoma gets federal approval

The Oklahoma Broadband Office (OBO) is moving quickly on several fronts to ensure successful integration of high-speed internet service throughout the state. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) recently approved the state’s DE Plan to fulfill Oklahoma’s Digital Promise.

While other programs administered by the OBO expand broadband infrastructure, this plan focuses on ensuring Oklahomans of all walks of life have the resources and digital education needed to take full advantage of the benefits of high-speed internet.

The plan will be initially used by the OBO to apply for grant funds from NTIA, including the recently announced Capacity Grant. Awarded funds will be used to narrow the digital divide by encouraging and facilitating partnerships, offering targeted grants to communities and organizations, and by supporting communities’ digital planning and programming.

Among the communities served will be aging Individuals, veterans, racial and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, rural residents, incarcerated individuals, those with low incomes, and individuals with language barriers.

The plan can be viewed here.