600 power poles still being replaced from Wyoming wind storm

High West Energy in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, has spent nearly two weeks repairing hundreds of power poles downed by a strong spring snowstorm across eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska.



Talk about wind….it’s what hit eastern Wyoming earlier in the month and power crews are still busy replacing nearly 600 utility poles that were downed in the storm.

Snow fell and 50-mile an hour winds gave it added forcing, downing 590 power miles for the High West Energy Co-Op headquartered in Pine Bluffs.

“—once the snow started falling and the wind picked up, we knew we were in trouble at that point,” High West Operations Manager Nate Begger told Cowboy State Daily.

Nearly 3,000 customers from Potter, Nebraska and across Wyoming down to Peetz, Colorado lost power while the most impacted area was between Kimball and Sydney, Nebraska.

Line crews are still replacing the poles but have managed to restore lost electric power. They even replaced 134 poles in one day.