Where Oklahoma fits into Biden’s EV trucking corridor plan


The Biden administration unveiled a new plan this week to place charging infrastruture for EV freight trucks in high-traffic corridors including Interstates 35, 40 and 44 in Oklahoma.

The plan calls for electric freight truck chargers to be deployed initially along key stretches of highway according to the White House announcement.

President Biden’s historic investments in zero-emission infrastructure on those high-traffic roads and the hubs they connect will rapidly transform freight transport in the U.S. and strengthen American innovation,” said White House climate advisor Ali Zaidi in a written statement.

As laid out by the government, the plan would include all counties in Oklahoma where the three interstates are located. The interstates were listed as “Zero-Emission Freight Corridors.”

The proposed plan also included proposed EV truck charging sites at various parking lots along the interstates.

One was the parking lot of the OK Flying J in Checotah while another was the Flying J truck stop on Morgan Road in western Oklahoa City. Still another was the Flying J truck stop on I-40 in Sayre.

Another proposed EV charging site would be the TA Oklahoma City East truck stop on South Council Road in Oklahoma City.

As announced this week, the plan does not include any more federal funding but rather as a strategy. At the same time, the trucking industry awaits a new rule to require increased numbers of new electric or climate-friendlly freight trucks. The industry has been critical of what the Biden administration wants, contending the government has underestimated the challenges of creating an EV freight industry.

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