Rep. Bice gets tough with President Biden’s energy policies


“–purposeful obstruction of domestic energy production.” It’s what Oklahoma Congresswoman Stephanie Bice charged against President Biden over his green energy policies.

Writing in her latest newsletter to constituents, the Republican U.S. Representative from Edmond said the president’s freeze of LNG ports and shipments wasn’t the first such case of harming America’s energy industries.

Below is her column:

Since President Biden took office, America’s energy independence has been at stake, with countless industries facing a full-on regulatory assault. The United States has long strived to reduce reliance on foreign energy sources, yet recent actions have once again shifted the balance dangerously. President Biden’s decisions have not only cost thousands of American jobs but have the potential to increase our dependency on foreign energy sources.

One of the critical pieces of America’s energy independence has been the expansion of natural gas production, thanks to breakthroughs like the shale revolution. Notably, the U.S. has become a leading exporter of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), providing crucial support to allies, especially in Europe, amidst geopolitical tensions. This past year, LNG exports hit record highs, and U.S. finally became the world’s leading exporter.

However, President Biden’s decision to halt new LNG permits poses a severe threat to this progress. By succumbing to regulatory uncertainty and environmental pressures, the administration is jeopardizing American jobs and undermining our energy security. The ripple effects of such actions are felt not only domestically but also globally, as demonstrated by rising energy prices and the reactivation of coal-fired power plants.

However, this is not the first incident of the President’s purposeful obstruction of domestic energy production. The Administration continues to undermine energy growth and production by canceling projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline, restricting lease sales and imposing new taxes on the oil and gas industry. These actions have systematically weakened America’s energy sector by drastically increasing uncertainty.

In response to these decisions, legislative efforts like the Lower Energy Costs Act have been passed in the House. This bill would streamline permitting processes and promote energy security. Furthermore, it is essential in ensuring a level playing field that benefits all sectors of the energy industry. Put simply, this bill puts America and her interests first.

When producers want to drill, they’re required to obtain a permit to drill through the Bureau of Land Management if any of the minerals they are seeking belong to the federal government, regardless of the amount. Included within the Lower Energy Costs Act is my legislation the BLM Mineral Spacing Act, which would remove the BLM requirement for a permit to drill when the federal government owns less than half of the subsurface minerals within a drilling space on private land. This bill reduces burdens for energy developers while empowering private mineral holders to exercise their property rights.

This week the House will once again focus on pro-America domestic energy policies. We will take up numerous pieces of legislation that halt regulatory uncertainty for energy companies throughout Oklahoma and the United States.

Let me be clear, I support an all of the above energy policy, however the oil and gas industry cannot be left behind. It is important to remember that American energy is safe, clean, reliable, and sustainable. Furthermore, the significance of energy in our home state cannot be overstated. In Oklahoma, there are hundreds of thousands of jobs in this sector, which help fuel our state’s economy. These industries play a vital role in accelerating America’s economic recovery and in meeting our long-term energy needs.