Oklahoma electricity rates are 7th lowest in the nation


Oklahoma’s average electricity prices are falling, according to the latest numbers from the Energy Information Administration.

The State’s average rate of 12.28 cents per kilowatt hours, as of December 2023, fell from a December 2022 rate of 12.44 cents per kilowatt hours. The rate is ranked 7th lowest in the U.S., behind number one lowest North Dakota followed by Idaho, Utah, South Dakota, Arkansas and Tennessee.

North Dakota is lowest in the nation with an average rate of 10.97 cents per kilowatt hour. Those lower than Oklahoma also include Idaho at 11.12 cents, Utah at 11.20 cents, South Dakota at 12.09 cents, Arkansas at 12.23, and Tennessee at 12.27 cents.

The highest rates are paid by residents of Connecticut, Hawaii and California, in that order. Connecticut is highest at 29.86 cents per kilowatt hour. California’s rate of 28.9 cents was an increased of nearly 12% in the past year.

Oklahoma’s neighbors including Kansas with an average rate of 13.62 cents; Texas at 14.32 cents, New Mexico at 14.16 cents and Arkansas at 12.23 cents per kilowatt hour.