More government transparency in Oklahoma? Or less?

While one Oklahoma House bill proposes what appears to be fewer opportunities for the public to see how a state agency handles state business, another has won full support in the House in the context of making government more transparent.

HB3937, by Rep. Melissa Provenzano, D-Tulsa would require public bodies to post meeting notices and agendas online 24 hours prior to the meeting. It passed Tuesday on a vote of 86 representatives supporting the bill and none against it.

“I am committed to filing legislation that requires full transparency from government entities and state agencies. I believe Oklahomans deserve to know what is going on in buildings that make decisions that directly affect them, so I am thrilled to see this pass off the house floor,” said Provenzano.

But as OK Energy Today has been reporting, another bill in the House would exempt Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners partially from the Oklahoma Public Meetings Act and reduce transparency.

Under Rep. Tammy Townley’s HB2367, the three commissioners would be allowed to meet and handle certain administrative affairs  and discuss staffing  needs, internal processes and meet with staff and do so without notifying the public.

The Townley bill won unanimous committee approval and has yet to be voted on in the full house.

Source: House release