How much E-Junk do you have? It’s becoming a world problem

End-of-life mobile phones sold for parts and recycling in Old Fadama, Accra, Ghana, February 7, 2023. - Muntaka Chasant for Fondation Carmignac


Imagine the old cell phones lying around some of your junk drawers. Or hand-held electronic games. They’re part of the nation’s and the world’s growing pile of what is called E-Junk…discarded refrigerators, old TVs and even e-cigarettes.

A report by CNN showed how the E-Junk pile is growing five times faster than recycling rates and as a result, bringing health, environmental and climate problems. How fast? Two years ago, the world’s E-junk or E-waste totaled an estimated 62 million tons of electronic waste according to a report released by the United Nations Global E-waste Monitor.

That’s enough to fill more than 1.5 million 40-metro ton trucks that if put end to end would form a lone long enough to wrap around the equator.

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