EV charging costs vary from state to state



Electric vehicle drivers are quickly learning that as they travel from state to state, they’re facing a big range of prices for the electricity they need at charging stations, just as they learned in gas prices in different states.

A study by Stable.Auto, an EV charger software developer, found that most states average between 41 cents to 50 cents per kWh at public charging stations. Oklahoma’s average is 44 cents per kWh. The firm explained it did the study because of the anticipated growth in EV ownership and the expected demand for public charging facilities.

With a typical 300 mile range, the recharging of an EV takes from 75-100 kWh. Stable’s survey of nearly 9,000 fast-charging stations found Nebraska, Mississippi, Iowa, North Dakota and Kansas were the cheapest with rates ranging from 17 cents to 31 cents per kWh.  Nebraska was lowest of all the states with a charge of 17 cents per kilowatt-hour.

The most expensive states were West Virginia, Connecticut, Arizona, Massachusetts and and Kentucky with prices from 52 cents to 54 cents per kilowatt-hour.