Colorado bill to ban oil and gas drilling could devastate state’s economy


While state lawmakers in Colorado push a bill to end oil and gas drilling in the state by 2030, researchers with one group say if it happens, it will pose a catastrophic threat to the state’s economy.

It’s the contention of researchers at the Common Sense Institute after they studied the impact of Senate Bill 24-159.

“It’s horrible on every front because it claims to be about CO2 emission reduction, which it’s not,” said CSI Energy Fellow Trisha Curtis. “It’s beyond detrimental and devastating to the economic state of Colorado and it really doesn’t appreciate the economic realities at all.”

According to the Denver Gazette, the CSI says if the bill becomes law, nearly 182,000 jobs would be lost and 70% n the Denver metro area. Plus, $2 billion in state and local tax revenue would be at risk and school funding would drop by more than $400 million over a decade.

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