Arkansas asks truckers to park their big rigs on day of solar eclipse


Arkansas truckers are being asked to park their rigs on April 8, the day of the solar eclipse.

The Arkansas Transportation Department says by taking a holiday, truckers would help ease traffic during the event. As for truckers, the President of the Arkansas Trucking Association, Shannon Newton recently said it likely wasn’t realistic for truckers to take a break.

A report by Freight Waves stated that the Arkansas Department of Transportation anticipates 1.5 million people to travel the state because it is one of those states directly in the path of the best viewing of the eclipse. The state Department also expects another 500,000 Arkansas residents to leave their homes to witness the path of totality.

 Officials say traffic could be so severe “that the day may be mostly unproductive for freight vehicles,” and they are asking truckers to take a voluntary holiday to avoid congested roadways that could impact their routes.

Transportation officials expect highways to be flooded with tourists wanting to catch a glimpse of the major solar event.

Arkansas isn’t alone in its request. Similar requests were made by Indiana and Vermont Transportation Departments. Indiana wants truckers to finish their loads on April 7 or 9 as the state prepares to a waive of “eclipse enthusiasts as they flock to the Hoosier State.”