Williams CEO says Biden’s LNG freeze could “backfire” and result in more coal use worldwide


Could President Biden’s freeze on permits for US LNG export terminals harm the environment rather than help it as he and his environmental supporters claim?

Williams Companies CEO Alan Armstrong thinks so and here’s how—it could bring about more coal use overseas. That’s what he told Reuters this week, saying Biden’s moratorium could backfire on him. Ever since the White House announced the moratorium last month, it resulted in something of a firestorm of criticism from not only the oil and gas industry but from almost every one of Oklahoma’s US Representatives and Senators.

Armstrong made his comments to Reuters in an interview at the Williams’ Clean Energy Expo held in Washington DC on Tuesday.

“We had a huge opportunity as a country to grab market share that was getting scared away by Russia’s activity, and now we’ve pretty well destroyed what was on the bubble,” Armstrong told Reuters.

Source: Reuters