US House to vote whether to overturn Biden’s LNG moratorium


Oklahoma’s U.S. House members who railed after President Biden created a delay last week on approval of 17 major natural gas projects to create LNG and ship it to Europe, will have a chance in the coming weeks whether to overturn the President’s order.

One Republican lawmaker told Bloomberg there will be a vote to overturn the administration’s moratorium on approvals of new liquefied natural gas exports, a decision that angered the Oklahoma Petroleum Alliance. The Alliance in a release last week suggested that if LNG were food, would we call Biden a “tyrant?”

According to Bloomberg, there will be a vote in two weeks and it attributed the information to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Oklahoma U.S. Rep. Tom Cole immediately issued a blistering response following the President’s decision.

“The Biden Administration’s utterly outrageous decision today is just one more of many short-sighted calls that will be detrimental to our country and our European allies at a time when we need to be maximizing the production of our plentiful American energy,” said Cole.

He said many nations are dependent on U.S. energy production and this will put their security at risk.

“Moreover, this is deeply unfair to our own energy industry and the American consumer. The Biden Administration is yet again succumbing to environmental groups and the far-left faction of the Democratic Party by working against our own American companies and workforce.”

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