Super Bowl Sunday snow in Oklahoma?


Sounds crazy, right? Beautiful early spring-like weather in Oklahoma in the past two weeks and someone comes up with a weekend forecast that suggests—what? Snow!

It’s in the forecast—maybe—according to Oklahoma Climatologist Gary McManus. In Tuesday’s Mesonet update, he said there are a lot of “IFs” involved in whether it really snows in northwest Oklahoma on Super Bowl Sunday.

“But here’s the deal, and we’ve taught this lesson before…the storm system that could bring us our Super Bowl Snow Globe is still out over the Pacific, and it’s not being sampled by our dense observation network we have on land so all that “better” data isn’t being fed into the computer forecast models, AND the storm system still has to go over two mountain ranges and reorganize, AND it still has to tap into a new moisture source after it gets past the Rockies after all the moisture has been squeezed out—-.”

McManus said there are numerous other variables involved in whether snow actually falls in the Panhandle. Too many to list here.

“I mean, the storm is still 3500+ miles away, for crying out loud (and heck no, it’s not raining right now!). Which way will it go? How much moisture will it have to work with? Will it be cold enough?”