Opinion—LNG freeze fight won’t be settled before November elections

A white storage tank with 'LNG' in blue letters on it.


While the Biden administration faces growing criticism from Republican and Democrat critics over its moratorium on some LNG shipments to Europe, some believe there won’t be a solution before the Presidential election in November.

Further, one professor of Global Energy says the freeze on new LNG export approvals also will not stop a massive buildout already underway.

It’s the opinion of Michael Bradshaw, a professor of Global Energy at the Warwick Business School and the University of Warwick.

“Enough terminals are being built to add 70 million tons of LNG a year, bringing total annual capacity to 160 million tons by 2028. The pause will at least affect the dozen or so terminals yet to be decided on (amounting to about 50 million tons a year),” he wrote in an opinion piece for The Conversation.

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