Mystery Texas oilman who sparked Utah’s Uinta Basin oil development

Texas Oilman Jim Finley's Key Role In Utah's Oil Boom | HuffPost Impact


What sparked the controversial movement to create a rail system carrying crude oil from eastern Utah’s Uinta Basin across Oklahoma and to Cushing where it would eventually be transported to Gulf Coast refineries?

Turns out it was something of a reclusive Texas oil man who convinced others to develop the Uinta Basin. His name? Jim Finley, CEO of Texas-based Finley Resources. He made a presentation in October 2021 to a coalition of seven oil-producing counties in eastern Utah, reported HuffPost.

Finley spearheaded the oil boom in the Uinta Basin and has now become a top producers there. He also supported the controversial rail line that first won approval then lost it from federal agencies to expand operations to carry the oil across western Colorado. According to HuffPost, Finley also is deeply involved in most aspects of the oil market in Utah from exploration, mining sand for hydraulic fracturing and operating a growing fleet of oil rail tankers.

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