Governor Stitt wants more energy companies to locate in Oklahoma


Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, in his 6th State of the State address to the state legislature stressed that “government is not the answer” to our challenges and instead focused on making Oklahoma the “business capital of the world.”

From an energy viewpoint, it was 14 minutes into his adddress on Monday when Gov. Stitt focused on the state’s energy industry.

“We’re gonna be inviting energy companies to come here and join the ranks of Devon and Williams and Continental and ONEOK…..we wanta keep building aerospace and our defense industry and companies like American Airlines and Boeing and Lockheed Martin. We want to secure the critical mineral supply chain and loosen China’s grip on these technologies.”

The legislators liked what he urged and burst into long applause.

“I know we can do that right now from our back yard,” Stitt added when the applause died down.

“If we get our regulations right, with our lost cost of energy, our central location, our strong workforce, Oklahoma is the perfect place for new industries looking for a new home,” continued the governor.

He said each new industry is part of something great in the state.

“In Oklahoma, we say “we feed the world, we fuel the world and we defend freedoms around the world.”

The governor touched on many other issues including a “vision of hope” and “strong families” and “Oklahoma’s economy will follow the path of least resistance.”

He urged a “limit of growth of government” and called for tax cuts, promising, “I’ll sign any tax cut that comes to my desk.”

The Governor made it clear he is a religious man and referenced his belief in Gov numerous times throughout his speech, saying toward the end,

“As I conclude, I want to declare:

As for me and my state, we will serve the Lord!

I’m calling on our businesses to serve God in the marketplace.

Our churches to serve God and people in our communities.

Our government officials to serve God by acting righteously and serving without partiality.”


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