E15 ethanol approved year round by EPA in corn producing states



Governors of some of the nation’s biggest corn producing states got their wish. So did corn producers.

The Environmental Protection Agency gave approval for E-15 ethanol gas sales to be allowed year round in eight Midwest states with heavy corn production.

The rule change came as the EPA was under heavy pressure from the biofuels industry and farming groups. Prior to this week’s announcement, sales of gasoline blended with 15% ethanol was banned during the summer months. The higher blend had been banned because the EPA was concerned about more smog during warm weather.

Farm groups heavily favored lifting the ban because nearly 40% of the nation’s corn crop goes toward the production of the fuel additive. Under the EPA announcement, the new rule won’t go into effect until April of 2025. It will allow the year–round E-15 sales in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.