Coal and natural gas still kept Texas grid operating in recent cold weather

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While renewable energy fans raved about how wind and solar farms produced electricity during the recent frigid weather that hit Texas, it was still coal and natural gas that remained strong fuels for the electricity to keep homes warm—-and from the state’s energy grid doing a repeat of the 2021 Winter Storm Uri.

It’s the assessment of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram which stated, in an opinion piece,that wind and solar deserved a “frosty” reception for its work.

The editors took note that while the Biden administration has “heavily subsidized” clean energy and Texas had sunk nearly $100 billion in wind and solar infrastructure, during the recent cold spell, renewables significantly underperformed, leaving Texans to rely on coal and gas. They pointed out  that while the grid relies on coal and natural gas, new investment to meet growing demand “is skewed toward renewables.”

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