Bitcoin mining datacenter to be built in Muskogee


A $100 million bitcoin mining facility is going up in eastern Oklahoma.

The 200 MW project at the Port of Muskogee Industrial Park is an operational data center to be built by Polaris Technologies, Inc. The firm called it “Project Bifrost” and described it as “One of the Biggest Mining sites in the world.”

It is also the company’s first large scale datacenter project in the U.S.

“By adopting hybridge of net-gen hydro and air-coolted technology, we boost availability and efficiency of servers to maximum extend, supporting Bitcoin network security and power grid stabililty,” stated the company website.

Bitcoin data center company investing $100 million to build data center in Muskogee

The site stated that upon completion and beginning with the start of operations, Project Bifrost “will be one of the most energy-efficient and envrionmentally friendly datacenters in the world.”

The Polaris project will be the fourth data center to locate at the Port of Muskogee in the past two years.

“This facility is a testament to our commitment to advancing mining operations within crypto technology. Muskogee provides the ideal environment for a project of this scale because of its reliable power,” said Alex Zhang, CEO of Polaris Technologies, “We look forward to contributing to the growth of the local economy and the crypto industry.”