AARP on PSO rate hike request—“staggering”


Opposition to the $218 million rate hike request filed by Public Service Company of Oklahoma is already in the works.

AARP Oklahoma warned its members “PSO customers could soon be facing a massive rate hike and AARP Oklahoma vows to once again fight the unfair rate hike.”

“We’re currently reviewing the details of PSO’s latest utility rate hike, but from a purely price tag perspective, the amount is staggering,” said AARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl.

He pointed out how the PSO request comes on the heels of OG&E’s $332.5 million rate hike request affecting 1.5million Olahoma residential utility customers. And Voskuhl said it means they ccould potentially face more than half-a-billion dollar rate increase this year.

“This proposal, coupled with efforts by PSO and OG&E to pursue alternative rate-making legislation, also called performance-based rates, is a one-two punch for customers. This alternative approach would result in annual utility rate increases, adding more financial stress to customers already struggling to make ends meet,” added Voskuhl.

“Oklahomans should not have to make the very difficult decision between eating, buying prescription drugs, or keeping the lights on and staying warm.”