New Mexico moves closer to imitating California over climate change laws

2020 New Mexico legislature: bills filed by Otero County lawmakers


Battle lines are drawn in New Mexico where Democratic legislators want to be more like California in clamping down on fossil fuels and seeking climate change goals.

The latest conflict? A bill aimed at reducing climate-warming pollution from cars and trucks. The New Mexico Senate passed it on a 26-15 vote this week with Democrats supporting financial incentives to reward businesses that produce cleaner fuels and Republicans against it.

“Let’s use common sense … not this voodoo science that’s being produced for us telling us that we have dirty air in this state in a populace of only 2 million, that we’re somehow contributing to this global catastrophe that’s being pushed on us,” is how Republican Senate Leader Greg Baca of Belen put it. He urged legislators against creating new pollution regulations on rural comunities with clear skies in a sparsely populated state.

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