Snow hits Oklahoma as highway crews go to work

OKC Road Crews On Standby For Significant Winter Storm


Snow started blanketing western Oklahoma Sunday morning while rain fell in other areas of the state.

As the winter storm approached the state, Oklahoma City announced its street crews had made preparations ahead of the arrival of the storm.

Trucks mounted with plows and salt spreaders were ready to respond in the event of any accumulation of snow or ice on the city’s  snow routes. Crews will work 12-hour shifts until the snow routes are clear.

Find the Oklahoma City snow route map at

The city also had reminders for residents and some of those recommendations applied to other parts of the state as well.

Remember to turn off sprinklers at your home or business whenever the temperature is below freezing to prevent more ice from forming on sidewalks and streets.

Preparation tips

The Oklahoma City’s Office of Emergency Management offers these tips and more at

Driving safety tips

  • Use extra caution when driving over bridges and overpasses.
  • Remember that posted speed limits are only to be followed during ideal weather conditions. Slow down while driving on snow or ice.
  • Give salt trucks plenty of room – stay at least 100 feet behind them so salt won’t get thrown on your car.
  • Plan ahead by getting up and leaving the house earlier.
  • Keep at least a three-car distance from the car in front of you
  • Steer and brake more slowly than usual.
  • Keep warm shoes and clothes in your car.
  • Clear all snow and ice from your vehicle before setting out.
  • Proceed carefully through intersections.
  • Have a plan if you slide off the road – who are you going to call?
  • Don’t use your automatic speed control