Texas regulators intent on suing EPA over new methane reduction rules


While Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners on Tuesday dealt with rule making changes, their counterparts in Texas, the Texas Railroad Commission, voted to ask the state attorney General to sue the federal government over new methane rules covering oil and gas.

Their request went to Attorney General Ken Paxton, asking him to sue over the new rules issued in December by the  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The new rules are intended to lower emissions from the oil and gas sector

Texas regulators on Tuesday formally asked the state’s attorney general to challenge the Biden Administration’s rule that seeks to lower emissions from the oil and gas sector. But the sector in oil producing states, including Oklahoma, oppose them. The rules are also part of the Biden administration’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmentalists say the EPA did the right thing.

“The commission is so used to treating the fossil fuel industry with such a light touch that it moved to block a methane reduction rule that oil and gas producers generally did not want to fight,” Adrian Shelley, Texas director of consumer advocacy group Public Citizen, said in a statement Tuesday, reported Bloomberg.

Source: Bloomberg