Siemens leader says “net zero” is a “fairytale”

Chief executive of German engineering giant Siemens Joe Kaeser


The idea of ever reaching net zero as promoted by President Biden and other world leaders is being labeled “fairytale” thinking by the leader of Siemens Energy, the maker of wind turbines used throughout Oklahoma and across the world.

Joe Kaeser is chairman of Siemens Energy and recently stated that energy bills will have to keep increasing in order to pay for those green-energy wishes of Biden and others. He said higher energy bills were inevitable as turbine makers grapple with huge losses, forcing them to pass on costs to their customers, according to a report by The Telegraph.

He went on to say governments and developers are in denial about the costs involved as they become locked in a “rat race” to build ever-bigger turbines.

“Every transformation comes at a cost and every transformation is painful. And that’s something which the energy industry and the public sector – governments – don’t really want to hear,” he told The Telegraph.

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