Rig activity holds in Oklahoma and grows nationally


As Oklahoma held steady in its oilfield rig activity in the past week, the nation saw a small gain, reaching 622 active oil and gas rigs reported Baker Hughes Co.

The weekly report showed a national gain of two rigs. The gain of two oil rigs pushed the total to 500 rigs while the number of gas rigs fell by six to 59. The US count is still 157 fewer than a year ago when it totaled 779 rigs. The decline included a loss of 121 oil rigs and 36 gas rigs over the past year.

Oklahoma remained at 44 rigs last week, still fewer than the 69 reported a year earlier.

Texas had the highest county with 309, including a gain of two rigs while New Mexico’s count fell one to 97 and North Dakota saw no change at 31. Louisiana stayed at 31 rigs. The Red Top Rig Report showed Kansas was unchanged with 35 rigs and Colorado continued with 17. Ohio stayed at 12 and Pennsylvania was unchanged at 19 rigs. West Virginia’s count was unchanged at 9 rigs while Wyoming’s count fell one to 13.

The Permian Basin saw a growth of two rigs to reach 309 while the Eagle Ford count slipped by one to 53. The Haynesville saw no change with its count of 44 and the Williston stayed at 32 rigs.

The Ardmore Woodford continued with two rigs and the Arkoma Woodford still reported only one active rig. The Cana Woodford saw no change with its count of 22 rigs. The Barnett stayed at one rig. The D-J Basin continued with 14 and the Granite Wash stayed at two rigs.

The Marcellus held at 28 rigs while the Mississippian still reported no rig activity, according to Baker Hughes. The Utica play held steady at 12 rigs.