Rep. Hern relates of impoverished childhood to implore House to vote down Biden rule


A bill aimed at overturned the National Labor Relations Board recent joint employer rule was recently passed in the House with the support of all five Oklahoma Representatives.

Rep.Kevin Hern said the joint rule would harm small businesses by holding a company liable for employees they do not directly employ or control.

The resolution would address the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) effort to redefine the joint employer rule. Congressman Tom Cole said if allowed to take effect, the rule will upend the franchise business model that has empowered entrepreneurship and job creation in the United States. The House approved the measure on a vote off 206-177.

Rep. Hern argued in favor of the resolution on the floor, drawing from his decades of experience as a franchise owner. (Watch the video on YouTube here.)

Hern spoke of his hard life as a youth, how he and his siblings lived on food stamps and how he worked hard as a hog farmer, a welder, computer programmer and more, until he was able to get involved n the McDonald’s Franchisee program.

“If it weren’t for the McDonald’s Franchisee program, I wouldn’t be here today. After 11 years working in the restaurants, I was able to work my way into the franchisee program and purchase my first franchise location, then build a successful company with over 20 locations,” recalled the Republican congressman.

Today we are here to provide Congressional disapproval over a rule that would completely destroy the franchise model that gave me the opportunity to be successful,” he continued in his arguments on the House floor.

“If implemented, this rule would make operational costs skyrocket and will eliminate countless small businesses and job opportunities nationwide,” said Cole. “We know what the consequences would be as a similar rule was put in place under the Obama Administration and had far-reaching disruptions across the economy, particularly for businesses using the franchise model. The American Dream is already slipping from the reach of so many over the last three years, and the last thing people need is another radical policy upending their livelihoods.”