Power pool continues with cold weather advisory


The Southwest Power Pool said Monday it would extend its current Cold Weather Advisory through an anticipated end time of 12 a.m. Central Time Sunday, Jan. 21.

Oklahoma is a member of the grid which includes 13 other states. The latest extension pushes the advisory from a previous anticipated end time of 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 16.

The SPP made it clear that its weather advisories do not require the public to conserve energy. Instead, they are issued to raise awareness of potential threats to reliability among entities responsible for operating transmission and generation facilities.

·        The Weather Advisory extension has been declared due to forecasted extreme cold temperatures, potential for gas interruptions, increased risk of cold temperature/icing cutout of wind resources, above normal loading conditions, and potential for generation facility equipment failures.

·        Generation and transmission operators have been provided instructions on applicable procedures, including reporting any limitations, fuel shortages or concerns.

·        To mitigate risks to reliability associated with these factors, SPP may use greater unit commitment notification timeframes, including making commitments before standard day-ahead market procedures and/or committing resources in reliability status.