One man’s opinion—electric vehicles are a “fading fad” Todd G. Buchholz: books, biography, latest update


Evidence that EVs are a fading fad is “rolling in fast” according to Todd G. Buchholz, former White House director of economic policy under President George W. Bush.

Writing in Market Watch, he stated, “it appears that consumers still prefer to drive to a gas station for a five-minute fill-up than to retrofit their garage and suffer the range anxiety that comes from hunting for a charging station in the parking lot of an abandoned shopping mall. J.D. Power reports that 21% of public chargers do not work in any case.”

Buchholz raised the question whether EVs are the bread makers of our day, noting how in the early 1990 every self-respecting American yuppie bought an electric bread maker before realizing, it was cheaper to stroll to the corner baker.

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