Oklahoma City asks residents to conserve water this week


Oklahoma City sent out an alert late Thursday asking for its city water users to begin conserving water because of continued higher-than-normal demand on the water system over the past five days.

The request came from the Utilities Department which indicated that during the winter season, when overall water demand is lower, it takes on repair, maintenance and infrastructure improvement projects at our water treatment plants. Projects are strategically planned to take place in winter since it is considered an off-peak period, and we can ensure full functionality during the high-demand summer months.

The combination of higher demand and ongoing projects has led to a slightly diminished capacity in our treated water distribution system. To prevent overburdening the system and nearing treatment capacity, it is crucial to reduce water usage.

Residents are asked to avoid dripping faucets until it is absolutely necessary. This simple action significantly reduces water demand and helps replenish the amount of treated water available for distribution. Even a 12-hour reduction in dripping faucets during the daytime, when temperatures are at their highest, will help by allowing the City’s system to catch up.

Other basic water-saving measures can also help. These include postponing non-essential water usage and saving heavy water-use activities, such as laundry, for late in the evenings.

“Water is vital to the public health and safety of our community, so we’re asking our residents to be mindful of their water use, especially during a time when resources are limited and we need to preserve our treated water supply for essential daily activities,” said Utilities Director Chris Browning.

If you experience a water-related emergency, shut your water off as soon as possible to limit excess water flow and call Utilities Customer Service at (405) 297-2833 for assistance.