OKC’s Will Rogers World Airport had 11% increase in passengers in 2023

Will Rogers World Airport poised for continued growth, developments


The number of passengers that flew in and out of Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport last year grew by 11% over 2022.

Oklahoma City reported the 2023 passenger use totaled 4,400,049, an increase over the 3,951,333 passengers who used the airport in the prevous year. But, it wasn’t a record.

The numbers came close to matching 2019 passenger numbers of 4,418,749, which are the highest on record.

“We had a great 2023 and continued to see recovery post Covid,” Director of Airports Jeff Mulder said.

“One of our goals for 2023 was to improve air service to Florida, and Southwest added a non-stop to Orlando, and American increased frequency and aircraft size to Miami. We almost matched our airline passenger record year of 2019 in 2023 with fewer flights and destinations compared to the pre–Covid market. It shows the strength of our market. Airlines are planning to add additional service back in 2024 and we anticipate our growth will continue.”