Nearly two dozen energy bills to be considered by coming session of the State Legislature

Legislature completes bill filing for 2024 session ~


Energy and energy-related topics won’t be in short supply when the Oklahoma legislature goes into the 2024 session in a few weeks.

A cursory review of the 1,463 bills filed for the approaching Second Session of the 59th Legislature showed nearly two dozen energy bills.

Some of those we’ve been able to identify include: SB1501, the Oklahoma Geothermal Investment Affordability Act; SB1332, the Oklahoma Electric Choice and Competition Act; SB1288, the Orphaned Well Electrical Power Generation Partnership Program; SB1389, the Greenhouse Gas Capitalization and Investment Program; SB1202, a bill dealing with well plugging and time period; HB3848, Light Rail Transportation; SB1555, a bill focusing on oil and gas wells; SB1913, wind farm lights; SB1536, the Energy Discrimnation Elimination Act; HB3053, a bill focused on the Southwest Power Pool report; SB1568, a bill dealing with injection wells; and SB1690, a measure concerning Internal Ccombustion Engines.

There are still more including: SB852, a bill concerning the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and Emissions Extraction; SB849 and HB2846, bills calling for a Broadband expansion; SB852, a bill about the Corporation Commissoin and Carbon credits and extraction; SB200, a bill focusing on carbon sequestration; SB502, the Electric Vehicle Charging Act; HB1977, a bill focused on Broadband easements; SB18, the Produced Water Recycling Act; SB205, the State Strategic Petroleum Reserve creation; SB512, combining the Oklahoma Department of Mines with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality; and SB504, the Retail Electrical Suppliers Certification Act.

We’ll be examining some of the measures in the coming days.