Governor wants to expand artificial intelligence in Oklahoma


Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt says “Oklahoma truly could be the AI capital of the nation.”

He’s released the recommendations of his AI Task Force and wants artificial intellilgence to become a mainstay for the Oklahoma economy. The Task Force suggests the implementation of AI could make the state government more efficient and also support business.

“Oklahoma is poised to lead the nation in implementation of artificial intelligence technology, and we have to capitalize on the momentum. Oklahoma truly could be the AI capital of the nation,” said Stitt. “AI also has the potential to help us steward taxpayer dollars in a more responsible way by cutting redundant positions and replacing some positions with AI technology.

The governor said 21% of the workforce in Oklakhoma is employed by federal, state and local governments and he feels the ideal percentage would be closer to 13%.

“Artificial intelligence creates possibilities for more efficient employment and government services.”

His AI Task Force recommended to use AI for increased investment in infrastructure and beginning curriculum in K-12 and higher education for AI centric workforce programs.

For state government, the task force recommends establishing a chief artificial intelligence officer, establish a multi-branch AI government oversight committee, establish an AI technology economic development task force, establish an AI digital workforce task force, and begin recruiting AI technology talent to the state.

Source: McCarville Report