BlackRock also owns shares in OGE


Still another SEC filing shows BlackRock, Inc. the firm on Oklahoma’s banned list for encouraging an ESG policy that discrimnates against the oil and gas industry, has ownership in yet another Oklahoma energy firm.

The latest filing is by OG&E which showed BlackRock with ownership of 24,893,403 shares or 12.4% of the utility. As we reported earlier n the week, BlackRock also owned 14.5% of the shares in ONE Gas.

As OK Energy Today reported earlier this year, BlackRock also owned 13.9% in Vital Energy Inc. of Tulsa. It amounted to 3,901,625 shares.

Despite the ownership in the energy firms, the New York-based company remains on a list of firms banned from receiving state pension investments because its ESG policy was considered discriminatory against the state’s oil and gas industry.