White House to decide whether year-round E15 gasoline sales will be allowed


It’s now up to the White House whether an EPA recommendation to expand sales of higher-ethanol gasoline in some Midwestern states will be adopted.

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed the expansion of E15 or gasoline with 15% ethanol in March. It suggests year-round sales of the gasoline in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, after the states petitioned for it. Many are heavy corn-producing states and the corn is used to produce the ethanol.

The proposal is opposed by the oil industry which contends it could lead to higher gasoline prices because of supply chain issues. The EPA wants to make such an expansion to be effective for all states by April 28, 2024.

E15 sales have been restricted in summer months because of environmental concerns over smog.

Source: Reuters