Western Oklahoma to get rain? Maybe some snow?


I always enjoy the Mesonet forecasts and accompanying pictures from Oklahoma Climatologist Gary McManus.

Of course, give him due credit for his comedic approach to the weather. But this week’s forecast calls for rain in western Oklahoma…maybe lots of it. If you consider two to three inches a “lot” of rain.

It also means a chance of snow in the western reaches of the state.

As only McManus can best put it, as he did in the Tuesday morning Mesonet update,  “With that much moisture available, if we can see just a bit of a dip in the temperatures throughout the atmosphere, those snow totals could pile up in a hurry…with that much moisture available. Any sort of wiggle-wobble in the storm track could mess all these forecasts up. Hey, when has THAT ever happened? But somebody appears likely to get a lot of rain, and potentially a lot of snow. And for those folks out in the Panhandle, it’s sorely needed (and needed sorely.”

If you’re headed further west, be aware of the chance of a change in the weather.