Oklahoma takes a look at a pay-per-mile driven road tax

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Oklahoma might be considering switching to a Pay per Mile program as a means to finance road improvements, rather than relying on a gasoline tax.

It’s the recommendation of a task force which issued a report released Wednesday, according to the Tulsa World. 

The report indicated such a program could start in 2027.

“The strength of (pay per mile) is that it applies equally to all users of the roadways regardless of the energy source of their vehicle,” a report released Wednesday said.

“This approach provides a fair structure for all drivers, ensuring that all drivers contribute to the revenue required to build, operate, and maintain public roads in proportion to their use of the roads. PPM is gaining favor among states because it offers certain advantages over the motor fuel tax or other forms of taxes.”

Supporters contend a per-mile-tax is fairer and more reliable.

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