Northwest Oklahoma could have a White Christmas—maybe

If Oklahoma Climatologist Gary McManus is correct, there is a remote chance of a White Christmas for parts of Oklahoma…mostly in the northwest.
In his Monday prognostication, he explained chances will increase because of the latest storm slipping down from the north.
“It is a lovely southern track storm though, ain’t it? It’ll pound California first and then head our way. Despite the lack of Arctic air, there just might be enough cold air in the wrap-around of that low to generate some snow up in NW OK, and the timing right now looks like Christmas Day, for crying out loud!”
But, there’s always a but.  If that low shifts southward, it might mean snow into more of Oklahoma.
“Hey…if that low should shift south? Might bring a bit of that snow farther south? It will require further watching that farther ahead, and if you look up further rules on when to use farther vs. further, it’ll all become clear as mud.”