Hydrogen hub projects attracted lobbying interests of oil and gas firms


A report that was critical of the oil and gas industry for its lobbying of the federal government over hydrogen development projects claims more than 30 such firms spent close to $41 million in the lobbying efforts.

The Energy News Network, in conjunction with the group called Open Secrets, revealed lobbying efforts increased tenfold since President Biden took office and launched his green energy campaign meant to destroy the fossil fuel industry. Lobbying on hydrogen related issues went from two dozen in 2020 to more than 200 this year, reported the two groups.

At stake is billions of dollars in government funding and subsidies and a review of the biggest lobbying efforts showed 32 oil and gas producers spent a combined $41.3 million as of Sept. 30 reported the Energy News Network. Chevron was the biggest spender at $5.9 million.

The list included those from Oklahoma or with deep historical ties to the state’s oil and gas industry. Such as Conoco Phillips which spent more than $5 million on its lobbying efforts; Phillips 66 at $3.4 million; and Tulsa-based Williams Cos. which spent $1,070,000 according to the report.

When the Biden administration awarded $7 billion in October to seven proposed regional hydrogen hubs, of which Oklahoma was not one, several of the fossil fuel giants were part of the selected projects. A Texas project includes Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Phillips 66 and Shell as partners. A Midwest hub will include BP and Exxon Mobil.