How to find the Attorney General’s winter storm Uri tipline


As we reported earlier in the week, the public now has an opportunity to offer any tips about alleged market manipulation that occurred during the Winter Storm Uri in 2021.

Attorney General Gentner Drummond announced the creation of a “Winter Storm Uri Tipline.” The tipline doesn’t jump out on the Attorney General’s website (, but is listed under the heading “Forms & Tiplines” which includes five topics. The Winter Storm Tipline is the fifth, just after the illegal marijuana tipline.

In making his announcement of the tipline, Drummond stated, “I encourage anyone with information about entities that may have engaged in market manipulation or other illegal activity to provide details to my office by using the tipline.”

He said as attorney general, he is committed to holding bad actors accountable and to return what was taken from ratepayers.”

The tipline also contains words of caution to those making any allegations. There is a warning that whoever is making the tip should be aware of the penalty of perjury and that their information is “true and accurate.”

Drummond plans to use any such helpful information in his investigation into historic high natural gas prices that led to extended consumer payments to utilities.