First day of Winter brings rain to Oklahoma


Oklahoma Climatologist Gary McManus admits it…his forecast was off slightly.

But he still predicts rain. Maybe lots of it…and still snow in the Panhandle and northwest Oklahoma on Christmas Eve.

That’s the radar snap he sent Thursday morning showing rain in western Oklahoma.
And the seven-day forecast looks even more productive for rain in the state.
While snow isn’t likely in the forecast for most of the state, winter like (yes, Thursday was the first official day of winter) temperatures will be with us.
And to send his readers off with more weather humor, McManus provided his favorite Christmas carol and urged them to “Sing along if you must, nobody can year ya!”
We Wish you a Merry Christmas, Okie Style
Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But in Oklahoma, it’s so delightful.
And since we’ve no idea what’s in store,
Let it storm, let it freeze, let it pour!
Oklahoma’s weather, oh, it’s such a funny thing,
One day it’s summer, then winter’s icy sting.
Tornado warnings and a hailstorm too,
We wish you a weather-proof Christmas, it’s true!
In the morning, it’s sunny and clear,
By lunchtime, it’s snowing, isn’t that weird?
Grab your umbrella, your parka, and sunscreen,
Oklahoma’s weather, it’s a wild scene!
Oklahoma’s weather, unpredictable and wild,
One day it’s calm, the next, a tempest compiled.
From heatwaves to blizzards, and everything between,
We wish you a climate-confused Christmas scene!
Oh, the wind is howling, it’s a gale,
But tomorrow it might be a calm, gentle exhale.
Pack your flip-flops and your snow boots too,
In Oklahoma, weather’s a mixed-up brew!
Driving through rain, then a dust storm appears,
Tornado Alley, where you face your fears.
But we’ll brave the elements, come what may,
In Oklahoma, it’s a weather buffet!
Oklahoma’s weather, it keeps us on our toes,
From tornado drills to dodging hail that throws.
No snowplows, just sunshine and sleet,
We wish you an ever-changing Christmas treat!
So here’s to the holidays in Oklahoma’s embrace,
Where the weather’s a puzzle, a true weather chase.
No matter the forecast, come join the cheer,
Merry Christmas, and may the weather be clear!