Filing reveals major owner in Tulsa’s Vital Energy

Henry Resources - Organizational Overview


A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows that a major investor in Tulsa-based Vital Energy is the Midland, Texas investment firm Henry TAW LP.

The filing indicated Henry TAW has 7,868,933 shares amounting to 22.66% of Vital Energy’s total of 28,671,878 shares of Common Stock.

The statement was filed by Richard D. Campbell, Henry TAW Management LLC and Henry TAW LP. Henry TAW LP is an investment vehicle, the principal purpose of which is to hold shares of the Issuer and certain other passive investments.

Henry TAW Management LLC is the sole general partner of Henry TAW LP.

Campbell is the President, Chief Development Officer and Co-Manager of Henry TAW Management LLC and has voting and investment discretion with respect to the securities beneficially owned by Henry TAW LP.

Henry’s website described the firm as a long-term player in the oil and gas industry. However, with the liquidity events from the corporate sale to Concho in 2008 and subsequent asset sale to Linn Energy in 2010, the Henry family began the process of diversifying its investments into sectors outside of oil & gas and the Permian Basin. This corporate diversification was carried out to stabilize returns during fluctuating commodity price cycles that will invariably show up in an oil & gas portfolio.