Fastest growing occupation in the US? Wind farm technician

Wind Turbine Technician Job Description, Salary | SkillPointe


It’s called America’s fastest-growing occupation—that of being a wind farm technician. Someone has to maintain those wind farm towers that perch across Oklahoma’s landscape and that of other states.

The pay is great—up to $103,000 a year and doesn’t require a college degree. But it means being in good physical shape and being strong enough to lug 50 pounds of gear up long ladders and into confined spaces.

Fortune Magazine reported the profession of wind turbine service technicians is drawing more interest, especially as the Biden administration continues its green energy push. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s the fastest-growing occupation in America right now, with employment in the sector expected to almost double over the next decade.

Starting pay is reported to be around $40,000 a year following 12 months of on-the-job training, such as offered at the Francis Tuttle Vocational School in Oklahoma City, the High Plains Technology Center in Woodward or the University of Oklahoma in Norman. The training in itself has ballooned along with the growth of wind farms across the country, according to the Wind Exchange.

With experience, a technician can make more than $100,000 a year. But the average turbine tech will bring home about $60,000.