EIA reports Anadarko basin oil production to slip in January


A new government report indicates oil production in the Anadarko basin, which includes much of Oklahoma, will shrink from December to January.

The Energy Information Administration reported production of crude oil in December averages 392,000 barrels a day but in January, it is expected to decline to 389,000 barrels a day.

Natural gas production will also fall from 6,749,000 cubic feet a day in December to 6,704,000 cubic feet a day.

The Anadarko’s new well production in December was 698 barrels a day for an average well and it is expected to increase to 712 barrels a day in January. New well gas production is also expected to increase .

The Permian Basin, according to the EIA report will increase crude oil production from 5,981,000 barrels a day in December to 5,986,000 barrels a day in January 2024. The Hasin’s natural gas production is expected to fall from 99,225,000 cubic feet a day to 99,025,000 cubi feet a day.

Oil production in the Bakken, reported the EIA, is expected to see a slight increase in January. The Bakken’s natural gas production will gain as well.

Oil production in the Eagle Ford will drop by January and its natural gas production will do likewise.