Devon Energy contributes to OKC Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” performance

(L to R: Michael Raiford, Holly Hynes,  Ryan Jolicoeur-Nye, Jo Lynne Jones and Dennis Cameron.)


Devon Energy’s latest civic contribution was for Oklahoma City Ballet’s 2024 production of “The Nutcracker.”

 The gift, an amount that was not dislosed, will be used to reimagine the costumes and sets, designed to transport the audience into a world of holiday magic, crafting a dream-like and immersive experience.  

The “Nutcracker” is an 1892 two-act classical ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, set on Christmas Eve at the foot of a Christmas tree in a child’s imagination.
The 2024 production of “The Nutcracker” will offer a fresh take on the classic tale, exploring themes of dreams, courage and self-discovery which will resonate with audiences of all ages. Diverging from conventional renditions, this ballet uniquely emphasizes the growth of multiple characters besides Clara, introducing another level of depth to the narrative.  

The Nutcracker — Rockford Symphony Orchestra

“‘The Nutcracker often marks the beginning of the holiday season and attending a performance of this timeless classic has become a tradition for many Devon employees,” said Devon’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel Dennis Cameron. “This gift is consistent with Devon’s long history of supporting the visual and performing arts in the communities where we have a presence. We are delighted to contribute to the enhancement of the experience for both performers and audiences alike.”  

OKC Ballet Artistic Director Ryan Jolicoeur-Nye outlined his vision for the production.  
“We’re not merely staging a performance; we’re crafting a warm, wholesome, holiday story, and a visually stunning masterpiece for our audience,” said Jolicoeur-Nye. “With Devon’s support, we have the opportunity to dive deeply into creating an extraordinary show that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who experiences it. This presents a distinctive opportunity to redefine the artistic vision of ‘The Nutcracker,’ and we plan to introduce a captivating twist.” 
Set designer Michael Raiford shared the production will be set in early 20th-century Europe with art nouveau design elements. 
“The scenic elements will invite the viewer into a familiar, warm, holiday gathering, then whisk them off to new adventures in a wintery wonderland. We have set this new imagining in the Art Nouveau era of the early 20th century, a time of beautiful, curved lines that embrace nature,” said Raiford. “Imagine the graceful swirls of a snow flurry and the whimsical feel of cake decorations and treats! Combined with imaginative costumes, this will create a beautiful setting for a touching tale to unfold. This production will have a fresh twist on iconic images that all ages can enjoy together!” 
Award-winning international costume designer Holly Hynes discussed the plans for her fresh look into this classic tale. 
“The costumes for OKC’s Nutcracker will beautifully capture the charm and elegance of 1906 life. Diverging from Hoffman’s traditional tale, we’ll embark on Ryan’s innovative retelling as the story unfolds. Picture the grand house’s drawing room filled with rich velvets and silks decorating dancing couples transforming into an imaginative battlefield for Clara, where quirky pirate mice engage in a dreamlike skirmish against boys from the party militia,” said Hynes.

“This whimsical journey continues into the luscious Land of Sweets, traversing a snowy voyage alongside Clara and her siblings. We’ll feature dessert-inspired costumes from various countries, blending the familiar with the unusual. It’s the timeless story we know, infused with delightful new twists.” 

OKC Ballet’s John Kirkpatrick Executive Director Jo Lynne Jones thanked Devon for its commitment to the arts, emphasizing its transformative impact on the community.  
“OKC Ballet has always presented a wonderful production, and these enhancements promise to elevate our performances and provide the audience with a world-class experience right here in Oklahoma,” said Jones. “We’re incredibly thankful to Devon Energy for its partnership in our upcoming production. This generous gift is a spectacular start to our 2023 holiday season!” 
Tickets to the 2023 production of The Nutcrackerat the Civic Center Music Hall are still available at  

Source: Devon press release