Before you imitate Clark Griswold, OGE has some Christmas lighting safety tips


Okay, maybe you won’t light up your house at Christmas like Clark Griswold in the movie “Christmas Vacation.”

But Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company is out with some electrical safety tips for those who untangle their lights and crawl around the roof of their home.

  1. Check your lights for frayed cords, cracked sockets or damaged bulbs.
  2. Don’t overload circuits, outlets or extension cords. Purchase extension cords that have a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) built into them.
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  4. Avoid using a metal ladder when hanging holiday lights. When stringing outdoor lights, use a dry wooden or fiberglass ladder and stay away from overhead power lines.
  5. Don’t use metal nails, tacks or staples to hang lights. Use insulated clip hangers instead.
  6. Use lights with the “UL” safety label. Use only indoor and outdoor lights that have the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) safety-approved label. Be sure to only use outdoor-rated extensions cords and lights when decorating outside.