Rep. Brecheen wants to put John Kerry out of work

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry boards his plane to Germany at Joint Base Andrews, Md., Wednesday, Oct 21, 2015. The Obama administration is confronted with two crises for which it has few, if any, viable options, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Syrian civil war. The administration has ultimate goals …


Oklahoma Congressman Josh Brecheen wants to put a roadblock to President Biden’s plan to create a Climate Change Support Office at the State Department. He also wants to eliminate John Kerry from flying around the world in his position as the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.

Brecheen introduced the  Stop Climate Hysteria in Diplomacy Act, which would ensure President Biden’s Executive Order 14027 would have no force or effect.

“President Biden has used the excuse that climate change is an existential threat to create additional bureaucracy inside the State Department,” stated the Republican Representative from eastern Oklahoma.

“The Climate Change Support Office is nothing more than a pet project for John Kerry to integrate climate change into all aspects of American foreign policy decisions. With this bill, Congress can eliminate a useless office and prevent the United States from prioritizing radical climate policy over our national security,” said the congressman.

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