Methane emissions crackdown coming soon for oil and gas industry


The nation’s oil and gas industry, including operators all throughout Oklahoma, will soon fall under more restrictions from the Biden administration in an effort to control methane gas emissions. Those companies will soon be bracing as targets of a list of government agencies.

It’s what President Biden pledged three years ago when he took office, saying he would use “all available tools” to do so. As E&E News reports, federal agencies are on the brink of releasing new rules in the coming months to crack down on the industry.

They will target not only leaky pipelines, oil and gas production on public and private lands, but any infrastructure connected to transportation and storage of natural gas. The Energy and State Departments are creating their own guidelines and the Securities and Exchange Commission is getting involved as well. The SEC is proposing rules to require publicly traded companies and government contractors to report on direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

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