Kratos unveils latest stealth drone

Kratos has offered the first look at a rendering of its stealthy Thanatos drone design.


Kratos, the California-based drone maker with a plant in Oklahoma City reported third quarter revenues of $274.6 million and operating income of $12.2 million.

The company’s adjusted EBITDA totaled $27.7 million. At the same time, the firm made available a rendering of its latest stealth drone effort, the Thanatos. Kratos indicated it hopes to have a contract for the most advanced design revealed by the company by next year.

Thanatos was named as one of several “new program opportunities” that would require additional investment in 2024, but that could then lead to significant growth from the company in 2025 reported The War Zone.

The fact that Kratos has been working on the Thanatos drone was first publicly revealed in 2019 but no details were made available until this past week. Kratos is known for its multiple classified uncrewed aircraft designs in its ever-expanding portfolio.

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