Congressman expresses more concerns about what President has done to Strategic Petroleum Reserve


Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole remains concerned about what President Biden did to the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

In his most recent message entitled “From Rep. Tom Cole’s Desk,” the GOP Representative discuss how Biden’s administration has “significantly reduced energy production here at home.” He also noted how the President sold off more than 40 percent of the U.S. oil stsocks ni the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at a time when the nation’s adversaries such as China and Iran are bolstering their oil production.

“Now, as war breaks out in the Middle East, the depletion of our emergency oil supplies to the lowest levels since the 1980s presents a unique threat to our nation, our longest ally Israel and partners around the world,” expressed Cole in his message to constitutents.

He recalled how another Middle East war, the Yom Kippur War in 1973, led to the embargo of oil flowing into America from the Arab members of OPEC.

Israeli Centurion tanks at the Golan Heights during the Yom Kippur war, 1973. [1000 x 663] : r/HistoryPorn


It led to the creation of the SPR two years later and bolstered energy production at home and created a strategic safety net for times of war and natural disasters.

“In contrast, President Joe Biden since his first day in office has taken actions that have dangerously and significantly reduced our nation’s energy independence and production,” said the congressman in continuation of his criticism of the President.

“When this caused the prices of energy to skyrocket, the president then wrongfully and dangerously drained our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to its lowest level in 40 years. This move, done for political expedience rather than meaningful effect, unfortunately did not have any effect on energy prices.

Here’s how the Congressman continued in his message:

If OPEC countries were to turn off the spigot, this would put the U.S. in an incredibly vulnerable position. Cutting the U.S. off from imports would trigger even higher energy prices, energy rationing and shortages and Americans waiting in long lines at the gas pumps.

In addition, the U.S. has the capabilities to provide Israel oil supplies during its time of need instead of relying on other nations that do not have its best interests in mind. In fact, Iran’s Foreign Minister has already called on Islamic countries to boycott Israel, including cutting off oil shipments. While Israel relies on most of its oil imports from these Islamic nations, we can and we should be providing our friend and ally with oil.

To protect our strategic petroleum reserve and our national security interests, earlier this year House Republicans passed the Strategic Production Response Act to prevent drawdowns of the SPR and require President Biden to put a plan in place to increase domestic production. House Republicans also passed the Protecting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve from China Act, which would prevent the U.S. Secretary of Energy from selling any amount of the United States’ emergency oil reserves to entities affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party or entities that intend to export to China.

If conflict in the Middle East were to spread, the drawdown of our emergency oil supply might put our national security at risk. Energy security is national security, and now is the time to restart energy production here at home to unleash American energy dominance, drive down energy costs for Americans and ensure energy security for our country and our allies.

Source: Cole press release